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I Love my Baba by Razaida Brahram


Title: I Love My Baba

Author: Razaida Brahram

Illustrator: Asbah Alaena

Publisher: Noor Nursery @noor_nursery_books

Age: 1-5

Rating: 6/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


This book is written from a perspective of a daughter about her Baba. She loves him so much and describes him as soft and strong. He helps her mama and they pray together.



This book is written in simple text and rhyme to make it attractive to the toddler age group. I felt that the language and flow of the text was a little choppy. The transition from, soft and strong, to helping my mommy at home to praying together wasn't smooth but somewhat forced. The illustrations are so adorable however the overall quality of the paper is not so great. Since this book is aimed at very young kids I think it would have been more fitting to have it as a board book instead of paperback. The main thing I appreciate about the book is the little girl mentions the deen which shows her father's love and concern for her protection. It's never to early to instill the love for the deen to our kids. Above all, because my 2.5-year old daughter has a strong bond with her dad, she liked the book and specifically asks him to read it to her. I got my copy from Amazon.




Oct 19/2019

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