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I Love my Mama's Hijab by Razaida Bahram


Title: I Love my Mama's Hijab

Author: Razaida Bahram

Illustrator: Asbah Alaena @amuslimmamacomics

Publisher: Noor Nursery Books @noor_nursery_books

Age: 2+


Islamic Content: Hijab



A little girl shares her observations and feelings about her mother's hijab in playful rhymes. She begins by describing the varieties of scarves and how 'cool' her mama looks. When she asks her mama why she wears it, mama answers that it pleases Allah. It concludes by the little girl aspiring to be like her one day.



This cute book is 1 of two in the series, the other book is titled 'I Love My Baba.' I really like how playful it is and the easy language used for the little ones to understand. The illustrations are shown on the left page of the book and the text is on the right. The text is written in rhyme mostly except for the 1st couple of pages but it might be an accent thing as this book is written in the UK. The illustrations are absolutely adorable.

In the end, the author has included a personal letter to the Mamas reading this book along with short text about the author and illustrator. I absolutely love the physical quality of this book, the pop in colour, thickness and feel of the pages. Definitely a thumbs up for you toddlers and preschoolers.


In Canada you can get this book from @littlesandmothers




June 8/2020

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