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I'm Learning My Hadith Series by Nur Kutlu


Title: I'm Learning My Hadith Series

Author: Nur Kutlu

Illustrator: AyลŸe Kitil

Publisher: TimaลŸ Kids @timaskitab

Age: 5+


Islamic Content: Sayings and teachings of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)


Concerns: None



Zainab and Tariq love the Prophet (pbuh) and they love learning his teachings. They have a hadith box and each week they pull a hadith and put it into practice. There are 10 books in this series. Some of the hadith included are smiling is charity, visiting the sick, honesty brings goodness and more.



This adorable book set was a surprise hit with my kids. Every book includes an identical two-page spread as an introduction to the characters and their hadith box before the story begins. Once the hadith is selected in the story, a plot develops with the two characters as they try to make it part of their lives. Through these adorable characters of Tariq and Zainab the readers are exposed to manners and characters of Muslims that can be practiced in their daily lives. The kids bring excitement about implementing what they learn. Although they are the lead in the stories and often come up with their own ideas, they rely on the adults for further explanations and help when necessary. I love that this series shows the children's involvement in different settings; at home, at school and in the community. They live in a multigenerational home and a few of the stories revolve around the grandparents. The language is very child-friendly although it could use some further polishing. With that said, this book set was surprisingly one of the better ones I have read that was produced in English from a non-western publisher. The plot in some books comes across as a little unrealistic or a little preachy but on others it flows naturally. The illustrations are vibrant and captivating. Every book concludes with a craft project related to the story. It would have been nice to see the source reference of the hadith in context. My kids have been reading them daily rotating from one to another and they even insisted on having their own hadith box.




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