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I'm So Angry by Sarah Javed


Title: I'm so Angry!

Author: Sarah Javed @sarahijaved

Illustrator: Yati Yusoff

Publisher: SH Publishing

Age: 4-10

Rating: 10/10 🌟


Huthayfah feels that he is big enough to go to the park on his own and play with his friends. When his mother prefers that he is accompanied by one of the parents, anger takes over him. His reaction caused his mother's favourite vase to break all over the floor. In order to calm himself down, he remembers the hadith his parents have taught him.



This book has everything in it.

Islamic lesson ✅. Relatable story ✅. Positive message ✅. Faceless figures ✅. Clean from unislamic influences ✅. What more needs to be said about this, really. The author has taken a relatable occurence and turned it into a teachable story from all angles. This story not only explains positive manners and behaviour in which to react when feeling angry, it also displays a diagram of each step of making wudhu for the young learners. It is a well executed story and easy even for preschoolers to comprehend. Definite a thumbs-up!

This book is available on Amazon.


Aug 27/2019

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