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I Want to be Like...the Prophet's Wives by Un Inaayah


Title: I Want to be Like... The Prophet's Wives

Author: Umm Inaayah

Illustrator: Mbekuris

Publisher: Fitrah Beginnings @fitrah_beginnings

Age: 3+


Islamic Content: Mothers of the Believers



In this book we follow the journey of little girls who want to learn more about the wives of the Prophet (saws). Through each one, the reader gets to learn important facts and traits that they were known for: generosity, knowledge, bravery, kindness, faith, piety and more.



This is a unique book. It serves as a introduction for the little ones to the role contribution to each one. There is isn't a similar book like it in the market for this particular age group. It is narrated in first person and it covers all the Mothers of the believers and what they are known for. I absolutely love the fact that the author has stated the source used to create this book for the little ones. (The Illustrious Women of Islam from the First Generations) Recently I have seen too many picture books visually portraying prominent Muslim characters on their illustrations. Thus, I am impressed that this book was able to avoid those depictions without losing the important message it carries. It includes a glossary in the back as well as direct quotes from the source book itself pertaining to each one, may Allah be pleased with them. The only critique I would have is the book is meant to be in rhyme, however it wasn't completely consistent. I had to read it a few times in order for me to figure out somewhat of a uniform flow. Overall this is an amazing book and I definitely recommend it for every Muslim household.


This book is available on Amazon.



June 9/2020

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