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I Went for Hajj by Na'ima b. Robert


Title: I Went for Hajj

Author: Na'ima b. Robert @naimabrobert

Illustrator: Paula Pang

Publisher: Kube Publishing @kubepublishing@kubepublishing

Age: 2-7


Islamic Content: Hajj


Concerns: None



We follow a little boy who went for Hajj and describes his experience through his lens. We get a glimpse of what he wore, what he saw, what he did and where he went through out his hajj journey.



This is THE Hajj book we have all been waiting for. The book that ever so gently captures the rituals of Muslim pilgrimage. It is catchy, memorable and has a playful approach. It follows the 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see?' rhyming style, except it's 'Hajji, Hajji What do you see?' Each page is a stunning illustration presenting Hajj rituals and/or its relating sites. It is the perfect book to plant the seeds of Hajj in the hearts of little Muslims. It mentions the clothing, the black stone, safa and marwa, Eid day and more. The illustrations are absolutely stunning, from one page to the next.

The book begins with a note to teachers and parents, listing key points relating to Hajj and Eid ul-Adha to discuss with little ones. It ends with definition of terms to know relating to this holiday. This is a must-have title for libraries, classrooms and home shelves.




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