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Ibn al-Baitar: Doctor of Natural Medicine by Ahmed Imam


Title: Ibn al- Baitar: Doctor of Natural Medicine

Author: Ahmed Imam

Illustrator: N/A

Publisher: Ali Gator Productions

Type: Non-Fiction

Age: 5 - 11

Rating: 10/10 🌟

Islamic Content: Mentions the Creations of Allah, hadith of the Prophet (saws) is mentioned

Concerns: None


Ibn al-Baitar was a doctor of natural medicine from Muslim Spain, Andalus. From an early age he learned about plants and their healing characteristics. He spent his life studying them and traveled across Africa and Asia to study the plants that were not available in Europe. He used Black Seed, Honey, and Dates as remedies to treat the sick, just like the Prophet (saws) advised. Ibn al-Baitar wrote a book that contained over 1400 listings of plants and their attributes in great detail which was also translated into German and French.


This book is one of four in the series called Muslim Scientists. It is written in simple language in a way that is attractive to younger readers. I, personally, have very limited knowledge when it comes to the personalities of such individuals and their work thus, it prompted me to look into his life a little deeper. I love the overall concept of introducing some of these unknown names to our kids to show them the extremely important contributions Muslims have made to the sciences we know today. Not just in the field of Botany, but in any industry where we constantly see advances happening in our times, we rarely think about their beginnings. As we know, Islam and its teachings coincide with proven sciences and I truly love the fact that in this book there is a mention of the Prophet's (saws) advice about Black Seed, Honey and Dates. Also, in the book it reminds us about the beauty and the amazing range of Creation of Allah. There is a page dedicated to parents and teachers which helps to lead a discussion on the topic covered. I would definitely recommend this particular book as I don't have the others. However, I am intrigued about the other three personalities in the series.

Available: @easterntoybox




Jan 14/2020

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