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In Jannah I want... by Ayesha & Samina


Title: In Jannah I want...

Author: Ayesha & Samina

Publisher: AYEINA Official @ayeina_official

Age: 3+


Islamic Content: Jannah (Paradise)



This is a 103-page creativity journal for kids of all ages. The main focus and theme of this book is Jannah. However, it also teaches 30 different shapes, colours and their names, the 5 senses, and most importantly, authentic hadith related about Jannah and its description. The concept and the execution of this book is thoroughly thought out. The book is divided into the 5 different senses and the narrated hadith are related to those senses. Each shape is a craft of it own, the surrounding area is left empty in order to let the child's creativity flourish and come to light. There is also a page in each section that lists ideas of the different crafts/activities to try. At the end of each section are blank lines for the child to make their own entries of the things they want in Jannah.



This activity journal is packed with so much information mashaAllah. It is very well put together and thought out. The child has the flexibility to work on this journal at their own pace. (Daily, weekly, with help or on their own). This will really get the kids thinking outside the box and triggering their unlimited creativity. Their work can be framed and displayed in the room to remind them of the beautiful hadith surrounded by their creative work. The ones that will get the most out of this book is the middle-grade aged kids due to the text and content. If your kids are younger, they will need your guidance to help them through it. This project will take time to do, it cannot be done in just one or a few sittings. It has a few duas to memorize related to Paradise. There are also sheets than can be laminated to use as flashcards in order to learn the names of different shapes and colours. Furthermore, I can really see this being used as part of a classroom project in an interactive way to spark discussions and create a beautiful class display. This book has me intrigued to look into their Alhamdulilah journal, inshaAllah. Definitely a gem full of information.


Available on Amazon.

Aug 13/2020

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