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In My Mosque by M.O.Yuksel


Title: In My Mosque

Author: M.O. Yuksel

Illustrator: Hatem Aly @metahatem

Publisher: @harperkids

Age: 4-8


Islamic Content: Masjid


Concerns: None



In my mosque, we see the range of diversity, the Imam advising on the mimbar, the grandmothers reading Qur'an, prayers and remembrance (dhikr), a community coming together for charity and celebration, the children observing and exploring. 'In my Mosque, everyone is welcome.'



Guys, this book is what we have been missing from our lives and we didn't even know it! It has kindled the nostalgia that has lived as a faint memory for me for this past year. The echo of the adhan, the sweetness of prayer, the chatter of the children and everything in between, it is a place of humble reflections before our Creator. In it, I found the brilliant text and breathtaking illustrations, capturing the heart and soul every masjid around the world. Each mosque, small or large, has its own architectural characteristics that sets it apart from others, however, all of them bring the community together for one common purpose. Each page showcases various mosques around the world in detailed illustrations, indoor and/or outdoor settings, some are recognizable and some aren't. It is unapologetically Muslim. It mentions some common Muslim phrases, it mentions the angels on our shoulders, the muazzin reciting the call to prayer and tasbih, all in a naturally beautiful way. I just LOVE it. 4 pages in the back are dedicated to information 'All About Mosqes,' a glossary list, author's note, and two and a half pages of historical and famous mosques around the world. Get this book for your kids, for your nieces/nephews, for friends or for your classroom. Get it for everyone you know!



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