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Influencer Vs. Book Reviewer

I realize this post might spark some debate but the aim of it is to be an informative piece and how to be able to differentiate what you are being presented.

A common message that I receive when I critique a particular title is that they have seen the book endorsed and praised but were very disappointed when they purchased their own copy. With the social media platforms being used in so many ways, it is critical that we contextualize the source of the content in front of our screens.

This post was inspired by a recent shocking discovery of what an average influencer can make: for 1 featured post on a grid + 3 featured stories on a platform with less than 20K It cost about $800 CAD. Influencers have turned their passion into a paid career.

Book reviewers are mainly doing this as a passionate hobby rather than an income-generating profession.

Just to be transparent, my affiliate link has made me $6.69CAD since I launched it in late November until today. And $70CAD through my Sensitive reader service since I started charging (requests became unmanageable when I did them for free as favours the first 2 years of running this page).

I am not saying one is wrong and the other is right. What I am saying is that one can be considered a paid advertisement and the other an genuine review of the content it withholds.

*Please note this is a general post and not all influencers and/or reviewers can be bracketed together. This is based on my experience and my POV.

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