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Is Allah Real? by Emma Apple


Title: Is Allah Real?

Author/Illustrator: Emma Apple

Publisher: @littlemoonreads

Age: 5 and up


Islamic Content: Allah


Concerns: None



This book is #4 in this series where important and big questions are tackled. Questions that our kids are bound to ask as their curiosity expands along with their growth. In all honesty, I am usually very skeptical of such books because I have noticed that authors give themselves permission to push creative boundaries with words and concepts to try and simplify these huge questions, and most cause more confusion than clarity. However, after seeing @bintyounus express her appreciation and love for these books, I pushed myself to have a peek. So here we are.


This book motivates the reader to ponder upon the creation of Allah through intricate details of the world around us. It specifically touches upon patterns and their uses in different fields of science and in nature. The direct words of choice and the black and white illustrations make this book bold and to the point. The main message from this book is to display the power of Allah the Almighty through His creation so that we come to understand His existence. This book serves as a great reminder for Muslims of all ages to reflect on our surroundings and all things in nature and their fitrah. This is the only book I have from the entire series. There are big words used within it and their definitions are included in the back.

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