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Islamic Books vs. Muslim Books

Islamic Books vs. Muslim Books

One thing I recently experienced is that some of us do not make a distinction between Islamic books and Muslim books. Is there really a difference? If so, what is it and how do should we distinguish them?


Islamic books promote valuable lessons from Qur'an and Sunnah. They can be non-fiction reference books or fictional stories. Mainly they make it obvious to either reference the Islamic ties within the storyline or reference the sources used on the last page. Islamic books only target Muslim readers.

Muslim books are mainly fictional stories that may or may not be linked to Islamic teachings. The only obvious fact that they all contain is Muslim protagonist and/or setting. The character might not adhere to Islamic teachings as it is not the focus of the story. Muslim books target all readers, Muslim and non-Muslim.

Therefore, ALL Islamic books can be considered Muslim books, however, most Muslim books are NOT Islamic.


The obvious benefit of Islamic books (kids' books) is to inform and build the connection to our beautiful deen. Knowing the Creator, how to pray, the rulings, manners and characters etc.

Muslim books are not heavily loaded with Islamic information, rather they tackle daily struggles that are relatable to all readers. These books may help bash stereotypes that paint Muslims in a negative light as well as strengthen our confidence in our muslim identity.

The importance of distinguishing between the two is very crucial. Many books with muslim characters promote and glorify unislamic practices and it can have major implications in our faith.

Nov 8/2019

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