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Journey Through Islamic Art by Na'ima bint Robert


Title: Journey Through Islamic Art

Author: Na'ima bint Robert @naimabrobert

Illustrator: Diana Mayo

Publisher: Manrta Lingua

Type: Non-Fiction

Age: 5-11

Rating: 10 /10 ๐ŸŒŸ


Islamic Content: Islamic Art, Qur'an is mentioned


Concerns: None



A young girl is using her imagination to visit different places around the world that have been influenced by Islamic art. The imaginary cloak takes her through Baghdad, Muslim Spain, Seljuk Turkey, Samarkand and India. With each mentioned place, she emphasizes a unique part of their history and skills its people attained from calligraphy to wood carvings and from stonemasons to silk-weavings.



Everything about this book is beautiful. It is written in brilliant poetry that really takes you back in time as an introduction to places with rich Islamic influence. The wonderful illustrations give a colourful visual to the poetic text. This particular copy is written in English and Spanish. I found it on display at the public library along their other dual language stories. The book includes short explanations to keywords used in the story. As a reader, I was truly mesmerized by the captivating words and dreamy illustrations. Another well done piece by the very talented Na'ima bint Robert and I think it is a must in all school shelves.


Available: Amazon




Dec 26/2019

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