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Juz Amma Hifdh Tracker by Iman Said


Title: Juz 'Amma Hifdh Tracker

Author: Iman Said @imanblogs

Cover Design and Formatting: Rey of Light Design

Age: 5+


Islamic Content: Memorization and Recitation Tracker



I think we all struggle with consistency to memorize Qur'an. This book helps to keep track of recitation of each surah, the progress up until memorization is completed. It is set up consistently for each surah with a page of notes on the left page and the calendar on the right. It can be used by an adult for younger children and independent writers can easily use this tracker on their own. A couple hadith pertaining to Qur'an reading scattered in a few places alongside an activity page. Using a tracker like this ensures ease and keeps you organized especially if you have more then one child.

It is available for purchase @alif2yaa and if you use my code, #booknook10 your can get 10% off your purchase.



#muslimkidsbooks #islamickidsbooks

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