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Khalil and Mr. Hagerty and the Backyard Treasures


Title: Khalil and Mr. Hagerty and the Backyard Treasures

Author: Tricia Springstubb

Illustrator: Elaheh Taherian

Publisher: Candlewick Press @candlewickpress

Age: 3-8


Islamic Content: Muslim name


Concerns: None



Khalil and Mr. Hagerty are neighbours and they have something in common: their love for outdoor. They connect through nature explorations and language/vocabulary through which their friendship blossoms.



It is summer and this is a timely review for this season as many of us enjoy the outdoors and especially gardening. This sweet book displays kindness and friendship between two unlikely individuals. While age and interests may set them apart, these neighbours find common ground (pun intended). Not only is this an intergenerational friendship but a cross-cultural one. It is really is remarkable how with the simple text and their few interactions we are able to see their friendship kindle and grow. This story is truly heartwarming and the unique style of illustrations adds an added layer of depth to the story. It is a wonderful summer read with your little ones.



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