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Let It Go! by Na'ima b. Robert & Mufti Menk

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Title: Let It Go!

Author: Na'ima b. Robert @naimabrobert and Mufti Menk @muftimenkofficial

Illustrator: Samantha Chaffey

Publisher: Kube Publishing

Age: 3-8


Islamic Content: Forgiveness


Concerns: None



The little boy arrives late for breakfast and the toast is gone. At school, he is left out while other kids were playing. Then, his neighbourhood friend accidentally kicks his soccer ball under a moving car and it pops. And it doesn't end there; his day gets tougher by the minute and is left feeling a roller coaster of emotions.



The profound topic of sadness, frustration, resentment and, most of all, forgiveness is all covered in this picture book. This big concept is simplified and made easily relatable for the targeted age group. It begins with an inspiring and beautiful poem by Mufti Menk about the hardships of dunya and the motivation to keep up hope. Then the story by Na'ima b. Robert begins and her talent doesn't disappoint. It is written in her remarkable rhyming style. With each scenario, the little boy is encouraged to let it go, but he wants to hold on to his aching heart. That is until, he wrongs his sister and his guilt steers him to wonder and discover that '...we can all make mistakes somedays.' There is a powerful message to be learned here by all of us, not only the mini Muslims.

The heaviness of his heart is visually symbolized by the red bag that he carries around and grows bigger throughout his day until he is ready to untie it and let go of it. The book includes 2 verses from the Qur'an and a hadith that mention the true value of forgiveness. Also, a two-page spread that encourages the reader to self reflect instances that trigger them to feel different emotions covered in the story. A must-have in ALL Muslim bookshelves.




Oct 7/2020

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