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Let's Learn More about Eid al-Adha by Sheila Ibrahim


Title: Let's Learn More About Eid al-Adha

Author: Sheila Ibrahim

Illustrator: Filza Amalina

Publisher: Seven Sabeel Press

Age: 4-7


Islamic Content: Eid ul-Adha


Concerns: None



Yusuf invites his neighbour Emma to join him for the Eid day celebration so she excitedly follows him and his family along. Yusuf shares lot's of information about this holiday including Hajj, the Kaba, sacrifice, charity, and kindness. they distribute meat and other foods to those in need in the community.



I came across this book on Amazon and, yet again, purchased it on a whim. It references with an ayah from Surah Hajj in the Qur'an before the story begins. This is your typical informational book that can be used as a tool to teach a new concept to kids. There is no plot that occurs within it, rather it is Emma who is unfamiliar with this holiday and asks many questions as their day progresses. I do like the fact that the child protagonist, Yusuf, gives adequate answers instead of him running to an adult. Language and the concept remain simple and clear without spiraling into deep discussions. Two of the most common issues that I find in self-published books through Amazon print are present here: a couple of grammar issues and the less than stellar illustrations. The characters all seem to have the exact same facial features and expression just pasted on different bodies and skin tones. With the amount of high quality Muslim books becoming available to our children, it is time that self-publishing authors really take note and invest in due processes to really make their stories memorable. There was no author's notes or any additional information regarding Eid ul-Adha, which given that this book targets Muslim and non-Muslim readers, it will be hugely beneficial for parent readers. Overall this book provides the introductory information of the significance this Muslim holiday.


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