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Life of Muhammad the Sublime by Moin Uddin Khan

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

๐Ÿ“šย  BOOK REVIEWย  ๐Ÿ“š

Title: Life of Muhammad the Sublime

Author: Moin Uddin Khan

Publisher: @al.rawda

Age: 10+


Islamic Content: Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s)


Concerns: See below.


Summary and Review:

This is a summary of the biography of Prophet Muhammed alayhi salam told in poetic rhyme. It covers some main events from his lifetime starting with prophet Ibrahim's (a.s) prayer, Prophet Muhammad's (s.a.w.s) childhood, before and after prophethood, main battles and other highlights leading up to his death. I was surprised at how consistent the poetic rhymes are, given the more extensive nature of this book. The information is concise and presented in an easy-to-read manner which makes this a great option for those who do not normally enjoy history or non-fiction text.


The two sources for this book are the Qur'an and Ibn Hisham's book of seerah. Included in it is the story in Damascus before prophethood where he (saws) encountered a monk. Based on my research, the scholars have deemed this to be inauthentic due to its many flaws and issues with the chain of narrations. 2 - the story of the spider web in the cave where the Prophet was in hiding with Abu Bakr - some scholars deem this to have a weak narration.


All in all, a unique telling of Prophet Muhammed's (saws) life with a couple questionable stories.



Sep 16/2020

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