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Littering Stinks! by Sumayya Hussein


Title: Littering Stinks!

Author: Sumayya Hussein

Illustrator: Eman Salem

Publisher: Compass Books @compassbooks

Age: 8+

Rating: 10 /10 ๐ŸŒŸ


When Aliyah and Ayoob moved to a new town, they are outraged to see that their friendly and generous neighbours have a bad habit: they unshamefully litter. Aliyah is determined to come up with a plan to clean up the town, and change the littering attitude of the townsfolk. After unsuccessfully implementing a few of her ideas, she comes up with a subtle initiative that triggers the change that was needed in her community.



This book was exactly what I expected. It is an early chapter book that tackles important topics: caring for the environment, resilience, hard work and never underestimate what your efforts can bring. All these big ideas are tied into one essential story in a wonderful way. I really loved that this project was led by a girl who wanted to see a positive change in her neighborhood rather than leaving this big problem for the adults to solve. In this book we also learn that most things have deeper roots than what we see on the surface. We can clean up a messy neighborhood, just to see it messy again shortly after. However, if this change happens in the mindset and attitude of the people great things can happen. I really love that about this story. The end of the book includes discussion questions. It is definitely, an important message.

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Oct 1/2019

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