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Little Brother For Sale by Rahma Rodaah

Little Brother For Sale by Rahma Rodaah

This is such a cute little story that expresses true feelings siblings experience towards each other and it is portrayed in such a creative and fun way. Asma's feelings are very relatable in my household as my oldest has definitely had some of those facial expressions towards his little sister. While her brother is having his nap, she comes to realize that she loves him and being forever without him would be lonley.


I love the fact that the neighbours as well as other minor characters are presented as muslims. This story doesn't directly teach an Islamic lesson but I do think it is so important for kids to read books that are relatable to their everyday life with characters that represent them and their families. Representation matters and insha'Allah I hope to include more books like this in here in the future.

Feb 27/2019

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