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Little Hijabi by Maalikah Asmun Nisa Taufiq Mau


Title: Little Hijabi: A Little Girl's Love for Her Hijab

Author: Maalikah Asmun Nisa Taufiq Ma'u

Illustrator: Stick Images used

Publisher: Balbia Press

Type: Fiction

Age: 3 - 5

Rating: 7 /10 🌟


Islamic Content: Hijab


Concerns: None



Maalikah loves her Hijab for many reasons. She can wear it in different styles and accessorize it. Even have a mother/daughter matching outfit and hijab. Maalikah also loves it because she can wear one while riding a bike, hiking and swimming. But most of all, she loves it because it is part of her faith.



I accidentally came across this book while I was searching something completely unrelated. The adorable cover inspired me to do an impulse purchase. Once I received it and read it to my daughter, I noticed that this book was actually written by a talented young girl. Her age isn't stated but it does make me quite curious.

Preschool girls will enjoy the repetitive language and colourful illustrations. I do love that the book takes on something so powerful and makes relatable in daily activities. It is written mainly in rhyme however there are a couple of lines that don't perfectly flow. I find it quite annoying that the rhyming pair is actually back to back on the page instead of adjacent. As much as I think the illustrations are adorable, I am conflicted on how I feel about stock images being used. To be honest, I think it's because I am not quite familiar with how they work. Finally, my favourite part of the book is that she included the women in her life that inspire her to love the hijab, concluding with a dua for them. It is so inspiring to see a young author publish her work. The sky is the limit, Maalikah. Overall it is a good book to have. ⭐

Available: Amazon




Feb 21/2020

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