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Little Rocket's Imaan Boosting Journey


Title: Little Rocket's Imaan Boosting Journey

Publisher: Ilm Bubbles

Age: 4-8


Islamic Content: Relying in Allah


Concerns: None



Little Rocket sets out in the space journey for the first time and is amazed. He lands on the moon for rest but when the comets hit the moon, Little Rocket is hot and finds himself stuck in the debris and rubble. The Little Rocket attempts to wiggle his way out but the load on him is way to heavy. He makes sincere dua to Allah to get home safely and Allah answers his prayer.



I was actually skeptical about this book because of the illustrations but I was really surprised with this fun story. The book is written in rhyming couplets and it very easy to follow for the little ones. I really love that the Little rocket already has the foundations of faith before he even begins the trip. He even marvels at the beauty of space and recognizes that Allah created it all. The book has Islam and action weaved together in a way that keeps the kids interested in the story. My kids really enjoy this book and have asked us to read it repeatedly. In picture books, the visual appeal is almost as important as the message in the story. I have to admit, the illustrations aren't the best on this one. With that said, I find that the message is exceptionally important and doesn't take away from its meaning in this case.


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