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Mabrook! by Na'ima b. Robert

๐Ÿ“šย  BOOK REVIEWย  ๐Ÿ“š

Title: Mabrook!

Author: Na'ima B Robert @naimabrobert

Illustrator: Shirin Adl

Publisher: Francess Lincoln Children's Books

Age: 8+

*Highly Recommend


Islamic Content: Islamic Marriage



The book begins with well wishes for Muslims getting married everywhere. In Pakistan, the ladies only henna party is a big event. In Morocco, the wedding is a community affair, all neighbors cook special dishes in preparation to the big day. In Somalia the special dance performance is lead by the older ladies. In Britain, the couple is surrounded by their family and friends from different backgrounds. The book ends by summarizing the steps it takes to get to the wedding day, from the Islamic perspective.



In this book, the reader is taken to Pakistan, Morocco, Somalia and Great Britain for Muslim wedding celebrations. This is beautifully written in free verse poetry. The unique wedding traditions and rich cultures from the specified places are discussed (clothing, dishes, ceremonies). It is a visually captivating book. The artwork is phenomenal. Before the book even begins, the translation of verse 30:21 is stated which I appreciate so much seeing that this is a traditional publication. I love that the author has chosen an interracial couple among the other traditional couples in the book. The book includes an additional paragraph About Muslim Weddings and a glossary list. This book is one of its kind.




Sep 4/2020

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