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Madrassah Mysteries by Zanib Mian

๐Ÿ“š Madrassah Mysteries: The Case of the Great Gerbil Escape ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Zanib Mian

Illustrator: Laila Ramadhan

Publisher: Muslim Children's Books @muslimchildrensbooks

Age: 6-8

Islamic Content: sprinkled throughout

Concerns: 2 teachers in the kitchen


4 madrassah friends come together to solve a classroom mystery! The escape of the classroom pet, Bobby the gerbil. Their number one suspect, their madrassah teacher, because he always complains about the stink that permeates from the cage. But can they prove it?


Another early reader book that requires detective work! This is an early read chapter book that keeps the reader engaged to solve an unusual mystery. As a stand alone read, it is quick and easy early read chapter book. The illustrations are adorable, with them scattered throughout the inside pages. It naturally includes a character with a prosthetic leg which was refreshing. But I wondered why the illustrations had to show him with one pant leg down and one rolled up rather than drawing him in shorts (if the intent was to visual representation).

There is a scene where 2 teachers of the opposite gender are together in the kitchen which made me pause. The setting is at the madrassah and Islamic rules such as helwa should be kept in mind. Or if they are husband and wife, that needs to be clarified in the text.

I got this book together with the Ramadan Mayhem and I read them both one after the other. So I couldn't shake the feeling that they are similar in the sense that they are both solving a mystery in the masjid, discussing clues and doing investigative work. So I would suggest that you read a couple of other books between the two.

Kids who love to read mystery, will enjoy this quick read with new quirky characters, inshaAllah.

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