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Mama once Told Me by Sharifah Huseinah Madihid

๐Ÿ“š Mama Once Told Me ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Sharifah Huseinah Madihid

Illustrator: Lakhaula S. Aulia

Publisher: Homely Hammock @homely_hammock

Age: 0-4

Islamic Content: The Sunnah of hosting guests

Concerns: None


There are guests coming over so Iman recalls all the wonderful ways that his Mama has told him to be a good host. Thus he decides to help his parents prepare the home for their guests.


What an amazing concept that we don't usually see covered in books. This is such a fun and engaging boardbook. I absolutely love the high energy that Iman has! His keenness and willingness to be a good Muslim and help his parents prep for guests is just a joyful Muslim story. Mama, I just love her in the illustrations because I could really relate to her overwhelming role. The story is filled with sunnahs that are put into action by the little protagonist. That's why I love that Islam is at the center of it all but without being preachy or monotonous. I just love surprises like this one. It is a fun filled book that will have your little ones giggling at Iman's helpful antics. Get this book!

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