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Maryam in Lockdown by Tahmina Ahmed

📚 Maryam in Lockdown 📚

Author: Tahmina Ahmed

Illustrator: Faisal Tahir

Publisher: Pearls and Ink @pearls_and_ink_

Age: 3-8

Islamic Content: Gratitude to Allah

Concerns: None


As the lockdown starts, Maryam is bored and wants to go for visits and playdates. With her parents help, she comes to understand that being inside is the safest for everyone, including for her grandmother.


Through a lockdown story, this book teaches the reader about selflessness, patience, count blessings and show gratitude. This book is written in couplet rhymes. Some rhymes are nice and some seem forced. Maryam discovers new ways to keep herself busy indoors. She checks in on her grandma through facetime, she plays in the garden and reviews her alif, baa taa on her own. I like that the story finishes strong by showing gratitude to Allah. I have to say, the illustrations look like stock images formatted to fit the story. Also, I can't help but wonder how long this book will stay relevant. Overall, the book has benefit to the little ones, I just wish the visual appeal would have been better. The 2nd book is due to be released soon and I can see that illustrations are a huge improvement. This book is available on Amazon.



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