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Mayhem Mission by Burhana Islam

๐Ÿ“š Mayhem Mission ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Burhana Islam @burhanawrites

Illustrator: Farah Khandaker

Publisher: Knights of @_khnightsof

Age: 8-12

Islamic Content: Sprinkled throughout

Concerns: None


Yusuf's older sister is getting married and this means that Yusuf has to step up and be 'the man of the house.' But Yusuf is not ready for such a huge responsibility. He has come up with the perfect plan.


My 8-year-old has had a reading slump this year and one way that I have been able to give him motivation is through doing read-alouds with chapter books. When we started reading this book from one page to another, both my kids just giggled and laughed, they just wanted me to read more and more. Before I knew it, our bedtime read turned into a 2-hour session. Yusuf is a likeable character. He has a wild imagination and loves to take risks. His ways are comical and witty that will keep your kids hooked into the story. The story is chaotic and a total mayhem as the title suggests. It has Islamic gems sprinkled throughout. This provides Muslim kids with the perfect balance of the protagonist being a kid that deals with family shenanigans while being a Muslim is a natural part of his identity. I absolutely loved, that when Yusuf got himself into an extremely fragile situation, he turned to Allah pleading for help. There is a book 2 already released into the world and I am definitely going to be seeking it out inshaAllah. This is a perfect summer read for your middle graders at home or in the classroom.


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