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Migo and Ali: Love of the Prophets by Zanib Mian

Migo & Ali: Love for the Prophets by Zanib Mian

This is a brilliant book! Full stop. Every Muslim family needs to have this book in their bookshelf, even if it is the only Islamic book they will ever purchase.


I believe the author did everything right to make this book a success. It is quite apparent that there was research done to relay the stories in the best way possible. As seen on the first page, it has been carefully reviewed by knowledgeable individuals to ensure islamic accuracy and authenticity. It is written in a beautiful child-friendly language and tone which has the children go back to this book repeatedly.


The illustrations are so adorable and so are the main characters, Migo and Ali. The friendship bond between these two is beautifully portrayed as they learn and discover the love they have for each prophet of Allah. After every story, Migo and Ali discuss the story in a very casual way, like any friends would.


The stories of the prophets into one book instead of individual story telling in a large book series makes this so practical to use. This book needs to be in every muslim household, in all islamic school libraries and even in the masjid book shelves.


Mar 12/2019

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