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Mindful Everyday by Salsabil Dehnen


Title: Mindful Everyday

Author: Salsabil Dehnen

Illustrator: Jessie Begum

Publisher: Mini Mindful Muslims

Age: 3+


Islamic Content: Islamic Mindfulness



This book begins by defining Mindfulness and explaining it. It covers some core values that will trigger your child to think about and possibly discuss with their parent. The topics include: Gratitude, Patience, Calm, Curiosity, Hope, Dua, Love, Salah and Happiness. Each one of them is explained in simple terms and they are tied into our faith.



This book serves as an emotion educational tool to help kids recognize the different emotions they experience and what that means. The book includes a diverse set of kids throughout. Some include thought-provoking questions for the kids to engage them into their surroundings and emotions. I really love the emotional challenges, such as frustration, disappointment etc. are discussed without being the spotlight of the page. They are intertwined inside the headings I mentioned above. I also loved the fact that each one has show direct correlation to Allah (swt) and our faith. It's important for kids to see that. The text itself seemed to be uplifting and accurate however, I think the illustrations missed the mark on one particular page. In the salah discussion, the illustrations next to it shows 4 kids in tashahhud position while having their arms overlapping across their chest. I realize that some could see this as being picky but we all know for picture books, the illustrations play a big part of the story. Also, one of the girls is shown performing her prayer without hijab. Overall, the message of the book is important and beneficial.

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Jun 20/2020

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