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Mommy Sayang by Rosana Sullivan


Title: Mommy Sayang

Author/Illustrator: Rosana Sullivan

Publisher: Disney Press

Age: 3-11


Concerns: mentions magic on one of the pages.



Aleeya loves her mother so much, she does everything with her. When her mother prays, Aleeya is beside her. They cook together, do laundry and water the flowers. She needs her mother to confirm her love with a promise. But when her mother falls ill, this affects Aleeya. She waits and waits for mommy to get better. Then she gets an idea to help her mother feel better.



I absolutely LOVE this book, and I can't emphasize it enough. This is an absolutely amazing book. The love between mother and daughter is so tenderly displayed. Aleeya adores her mother so much and it really hurts her to see her ill. The illustrations are so gorgeous. This story teaches the kids about unconditional love, compassion and kindness. Also, shows the readers that as much as the child needs and yearns the love and care of her mother, the mother needs the love and care of her child. It is a stunning book story with an important message. The story is set in Malaysia which is beautifully presented on each page. Islamic values are not meant to be the center of this book, rather it is shown through their illustrations and actions. 'Inshallah' is mentioned however, I really wish that the name of Allah was capitalized. The end of the book has a glossary for the unfamiliar terms used in the story. I definitely highly recommend this book that displays the beautiful bond between mother and child, in the best days as well as the weakest.


I got my copy from Amazon.



Jun 22/2020

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