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More than 100 Things Prohibited by the Prophet (saws) by Khateeb Abu Onais


Title: More Than 100 Things Prohibited By the Prophet (saws)

Author: Khateeb Abu Onais


Publisher: The Deen Square @thedeensquare

Age: 7+

Rating: 10/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


Islamic Content: Hadith of the Prophet (saws)


Other concerns: None



This book contains exactly 26 topics and lists 5 things that the Prophet (saws) has prohibited for each category. Each prohibition is accompanied by the hadith reference and a picture to make it easier understand it.



To be honest, when I first received it, I was a little skeptical because I thought this book might give the reader a negative feeling since it contains the topic of prohibition. On the contrary, this book gives a gentle feel and vibe through its language and illustrations. The main goal of the book is to inform the reader of the items that the Prophet (saws) told us to stay away from. Many of the listed items are things that can be practiced during our daily lives, especially by children (ie: not to waste water when making wudu, not to walk in front of someone who is praying, not to be jealous etc.). I also love the fact that each item references not only which book of hadith it is from, but also the exact number. This way, if more explanation or understanding is required, it can easily be looked up for further details. Because this book is categorized so nicely, makes it easy to look at what you need rather than read through the whole book. Some vocabulary used I think makes this book for slightly older kids, at least for those who can read on their own. However, the younger kids will be able to understand a lot of them. I definitely would recommend this for all muslim families and Islamic schools.




Nov 27/2019

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