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Muhammad Najem War Reporter by Muhammad Najem &

This story had me in tears more than once! So heartbreaking and so powerful.

Every ones has a story and every story needs to be shared.

I began reading this book last week, then I got sick. Finally was able to get back to it and could not bring myself to put it down until I finished the entire book. This graphic novel for middle graders is a must read for every child, Muslim or not. It is based on the true story of a Syrian boy, Muhammed Najem and how he came to be the war reporter. Muhammed and his family lived in Eastern Ghouta. As the attacks of the Assad regime began to become more frequent, their lives began to change. Schools closed, seeking shelter in basements for days at a time, the city streets began to look like rubble. His determination, inspired by his dad's words, he decided to make a difference by sharing the stories of the Syrian children who are affected by this war and uploading online. When there's a ceasefire, the family moved to the city of Idlib to start fresh. Not long after, even Idlib wasn't free of attacks, and Muhammed and the family has the opportunity to escape to Turkey where he continues to advocate for Syrian voices.

Muhammed's voice narrating this story makes this such a compelling read. The illustrations are amazing and although deaths happen along the way, it is done cleverly without being too glorified for the readers. The events were kept raw and real rather. It beautifully showcases the glimmers of hope between hardship and heartbreak that keeps the people of Syria determined to push through.

This is a definite must read book.

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