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Musa's Animal Adventure by Alaa Batroukh


Title: Musa's Animal Adventure

Author: Alaa Batroukh

Illustrator: Nhat Hao Nguyen

Publisher: Tailor & Bloom

Age: 2 and 8


Islamic Content: Creation of Allah & introduction to the Arabic alphabet


Concerns: None



Musa is visiting the Zoo and through this exciting journey, he learns the Arabic names of different animal. Alif is for Asad, Jeem is for Jamal, Ghayn is fo Ghurab and Yaa is for Yarqah and many more in between. In this fun adventure Musa picks up intriguing animal facts and recognizes that they are all created by Allah.



This is a personalized book where your child's name is incorporated into the title and throughout the story. It is such an adorable treat. It makes reference to the travelling dua and the diversity of animals, the creation of Allah however that is not the central purpose of the story. It follows the little child, and his observations throughout the zoo. Because of the amount of text this book offers, it can be used by independent readers as well. I loved that this book teaches the Arabic alphabet while focusing only on animals, which gives the reader the opportunity to learn new animal vocabulary than what we commonly see included. The illustrations are soft and beautiful. The back of the book includes some questions, an activity and the alphabet and their animal names (Arabic, English, transliteration). This cute book can be a perfect gift for the little Muslims in your life.


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