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Muslim Child by Rukhsana Khan


Title: Muslim Child

Author: Rukhsana Khan

Illustrator: Patty Gallinger

Publisher: Napoleon Publishing

Age: 7-12


Islamic Content: throughout


Concerns: None



This is a collection of short stories and poems for Muslim children. In addition to the fictional content, the book includes translations of 2 surahs (Fatiha and Feel) and ahadith that serve as a reminder for the readers. The stories are meaningful, funny and relatable. They are set in different parts of the world and cover different range of topics.



Rukhsana Khan has been publishing books with Muslims, about Muslims for over 20 years. This book has been out into the world since 1999. For this author to be telling stories of a marginalized community for this long, I don't think she gets enough credit for her work. This book in particular, has left me in awe because of its Islamic content includes. Gives the English translation of the two surahs, narrates the story of the Year of the Elephant, multiple ahadiths, provides additional sidebars for non-Muslim readers, has a one page timeline of Prophet Muhammad's life, a story about first-time fasting child, a hajj story, a samosa recipe and an Eid Card activity. I mean, there is so much to appreciate about this traditionally published book from that time. When we read the first story for bedtime, my kids kept wanting me to keep reading and we got halfway through in one evening. Rukhsana has a way of narrating the stories so wonderfully and each one of them is full of wisdom. We enjoyed the rhyming poems as well. Overall this book is a gem and I am so glad I decided to add it to our shelf.



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