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'Muslim Literature: The Pros, The Progress and The Pitfalls'

'Muslim Literature: The Pros, The Progress and The Pitfalls'

I am so excited to share this incredible and insightful article by the very talented sister @bintyounus published by @muslimmatters

In it, she makes mention of some of the pioneers that have made a breakthrough to give the Muslim community the literature we truly deserve. Within the last decade, the progress in Muslim literature has come incredibly far. With that said, our work is far from over. ⭐

It is crucial that books teaching Muslim/Islamic content are especially held at a high standard when it comes to being presented in the best way possible. Not only visually, but textually. Something that I come across continuously in some books, especially self-publications, is the absence of a professional editors' in the process. Self-publishing is a powerful outlet that gives Muslim authors the opportunity to publish their authentic voice and stories. So let this be our motivation to bring top quality books that bring excitement, life and spiritual connection through our stories.

It's a great read. Article link is in my bio.

PS: some contributions to the article made by yours truly. 💕

Feb 26/2020

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