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Muslim Scientist Series by Ali Gator

๐Ÿ“šย  BOOK REVIEWย  ๐Ÿ“š

Title: The Muslim Scientist series

Author: Ahmed Imam

Publisher: Ali Gator

Age: 4-8


Islamic Content: Muslim Historical figures who contributed to the development of sciences


Concerns: None



This series introduces children to the great Muslim scientists from the Golden age of Islam.

1. Ibn Majid - The Master Navigator. Known as the Lion of the Sea, as his expertise was to navigate the ship in their course. He invented a tool with a magnetic pin to help in his sea voyages, and that tool is what is known today to be a compass.

2. Ibn al-Baitar - Doctor of Natural Medicine. He was famous for his findings of over 300 plants and their natural benefit. He wrote a sought out book that listed over 1400 plants, foods and medicines and their uses.

3. Ibn Yunus - Master of Astronomy. He was the first man to calculate a solar eclipse during his time. Also, he was the first scientist to use the sun and the moon to calculate the different prayer times as well and the Qibla direction from anywhere in the world!

4. Ibn Battuta - The Great Traveler. He was a famous traveler. He compiled his travels in a book called "Al Rihla"



Getting to know some of these important Muslim Scientists will give our kids a glimpse of the Muslim contributors to the advancements of science we use today. This really shows and highlights the importance of education and continuous studyย that has been historically encouraged in the Muslim world. I like how each book ties in the role of Islam into each one of the scientists lives.


The language and the text is simple and aims to readers 4-8 years old. Found some basic grammar issues to be slightly irritating but overall presented in an easy-to-follow structure. These are 4 books in the series, and I believe there are 4 newer publications in addition to these. Each book includes a dua the kids can learn in the end. Overall a beneficial series, I just wish a great editor was more utilized.

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