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Mustafa and Arwa go on a Prayer Adventure by Mekram Mohammad


Title: Mustafa and Arwa go on a Prayer Adventure

Author: Mekram Mohammad

Publisher: Muslim Pillars @muslimpillars

Age: 2-5


Islamic Content: Prayers



Mustafa and Arwa go in a prayer adventure and take the reader along.



Another fun and awesome book by Muslim Pillars. This is one book of four in the Mustafa and Arwa series. This book on prayers is so adorable. It is written in couplet rhymes and consistent flow. The illustrations and their creative imagination keep the readers hooked on the pages. They cover all the 5 prayers in a fun and exciting way as an introduction to the very young readers. The adventures are endless and sparks curiosity in kids. I absolutely love this series because the focus is on introducing Islamic topics in an attractive manner rather than a factual source on how to perform the prayer. When you get the kids to love the Islamic concepts when they are young, they will be more willing to explore and implement those as they grow.


Get your copies from @muslimpillars or Amazon



July 11/2020

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