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My Brother's Shield Activity Book by Zahra Patel


Title: My Brother's Shield Activity Book

Author: Zahra Patel

Illustrator: Reyhana Ismail

Publisher: Knowledge to Action

Age: 5-9


Islamic Content: Ramadan Activity Book


Concerns: None



How could I have almost missed this one this Ramadan. My kids have had their hands on it this entire time, so it wasn't in my 'To-Be-Reviewed' basket. It almost slipped through cracks. I don't think I have come across an activity book that is of such high quality print. Pages are thick and in full color. It begins with a 2-page introduction on how to use the book and what to expect. Each two-page spread is set up as a daily challenge, a Superhero in Training. It comes with a sticker sheet and a large variety of activities (word search, maze, recipes, coloring pages, matching, do your own design, memory challenge and many more.) This activity book packed with 30 different challenges is meant to be used through out Ramadan, one challenge per day. They vary in difficulties, which some might require adult help. It is obvious that this activity book has been very well thought out and worked on with great diligence and extensive care. I really love the fact that it doesn't solely focus on islamic aspects but it includes activities that help build character and practice leadership tasks. It is definitely a top quality activity book all around.


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