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My Brother's Shield by Zahra Patel


Title: My Brother's Shield

Author: Zahra Patel

Illustrator: Reyhana Ismail

Publisher: Ilm 2 Aml



Islamic Content: Ramadan, 'Fasting is a shield'


Concerns: References to magic carpet.



When Ramadan arrives, Adam's shield appears and he overcomes different challenges during his fast. He makes it past his cravings, keeps calm during a soccer game altercation and avoids unnecessary gossip with the masjid boys.



This story is inspired by the hadith 'Fasting is a shield.' The story is told by Anisah, Adam's little sister as she sees him to be like a superhero, marveling at his strength while overcoming the different challenges during Ramadan. The story flows beautifully and is written in rhyme. I really love that the story includes the aspects of manners and characters that Muslims are encouraged to practice during Ramadan such as avoiding arguments/fights and gossip and focusing on things that matter like reading Qur'an and increase in prayer. For those who may be uncomfortable with the term, 'the magic carpet' references the sajada but it is not the focal point of this story. I really love that Anisah shows great admiration towards her big brother and the book concludes with her stating that she is training to be a superhero, just like her big brother. There are additional pages in the end to bring context to the story, discussion questions and activity ideas. Keep an eye out for the review of My Brothers Shield Activity Book.


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