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My Deen Magazine


Title: My Deen Subscription Magazine @mydeen_magazine

Age: 2-5, 6-8 (9-12)


Islamic Content: Throughout. This month's theme is Around the World


Concerns: None


Summary and Review:

My Deen is a monthly subscription magazine that provides a range of educational themes to Muslim kids around the world through an Islamic lens. This month's theme is Around the World in which the kids are introduced to Earth, space and general geography. Their activities revolve around this theme and is related to the ayah in the Qur'an (7:54) where Allah (swt) describes the creation of heavens and the earth, the space and His Throne above them all. We have the 2-5 and 6-8 magazines and although the theme is the same, they differ in activity difficulties and are appropriate each age range. My daughter absolutely loved her personalized envelope and dove right into the pages. She was introduced to new vocabulary related to earth and geography, tracing letters (English and Arabic) and modes of transportation. In addition, the 6-8 magazine has a Salah chart to encourage and motivate the little ones to track their daily prayer, which I love.


There are a few things that set this monthly subscription magazine apart from your one off activity book is that they are genuinely aiming to educate our kids. They relate Islam to their daily lives through providing high quality content, visually appealing and engaging monthly booklet. I truly admire their unpreachy approach and alternating themes that sparks keenness in the little ones. The kids will receive a personalized envelope which makes it a special delivery for each child.


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