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My First Arabic Alphabet Book

๐Ÿ“š My First Arabic Alphabet Book ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Areyisha Mohamed Nalir

Illustrator: Arini Hidayati

Publisher: Self-Published

Age: 3-6

Islamic Content: Arabic Alphabet

Concerns: None


This picture book teaches the little ones the Arabic alphabet in an Islamic lens. The words used are all related to Islam and concepts connected directly to our deen. Each page includes the Arabic letter, related word, and translation. Where applicable, it also includes an ayah from the Qur'an or hadith reference. Some Arabic words the kids might already be familiar with and some might be The illustrations are faceless and they don't take away from the message of the book. They are vibrant and appealing for little ones. I am excited to add this book to our Masjid library.

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