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My First Book About Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s) by Sara Khan


Title: First Book About the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s)

Author: Sara Khan

Illustrator: Ali Lodge

Publisher: Kube Publishing

Age: 0-4


Islamic Content: Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w s)


Concerns: None



This book introduces mini Muslims to the life of the Prophet alayhi salam. From his very first revelation to him (s.a.w.s) facing resistance and hardship, his move to Medina and his message from Allah.



This book is one of four books in 'My First Book about...' series. In my opinion, writing books for children about the Prophet Muhammad (saws) compared to other stories of the prophets is the most challenging task. We have so much information about his life and prophethood, so what does one choose to include/exclude in a picture book story? This book focuses on introducing Prophet Muhammad (saws) life to little ones. It is actually a seerah for toddlers, which I didn't expect. I assumed this would be focusing more on the Prophet's (saws) character and traits because of the young audience it is targeting. It mentions stones and rubbish being thrown at the Prophet's (saws), which again because this is for toddlers and young kids, I questioned why this was necessary to be included. The main purpose of his mission is highlighted in the beginning and the end. It also mentions a few of his traits like kindness, honesty and bravery but part of mw wishes that this should have been the shinning theme in this book. As with other books in this series, the last two pages offer more facts about the Prophet Muhammad (saws). Of course, the illustrations are amazing and they speak for themselves.



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