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My First Muslim Potty Book by Yousfa Janjua

๐Ÿ“šย  BOOK REVIEWย  ๐Ÿ“š

Title: My First Muslim Potty Book

Author: Yousfa Janjua @taqwa_tots

Illustrator: Golnar Servatian @golnarservatian

Publisher: Prolance @prolancepublishing

Age: 2-5


Islamic Content: Cleanliness/Tahara


Concerns: None



The book beautifully covers all basic etiquettes of using the washroom for a Muslim child. It follows a little toddler that is being potty-trained: entering the bathroom with the left foot, washing with water, drying with toilet paper, washing hands, and finally exiting with the right foot.



This adorable book is a must-have for all families with little Muslims. The approach is fun and playful while it teaches a necessary daily task. The book is written in rhyme and it is so well done. I think this just might be my favourite Muslim rhyming book. The book flows so beautifully from beginning to end and the illustrations are cute. I absolutely love how the book begins and ends with the parents making dua for their child and ties in to the story nicely. The back of the book includes a list of glossary terms, ayat and hadeeth that mention cleanliness. Furthermore, it states the duas to recite before entering the washroom and after exiting it. Did it really take us this long to have someone finally write potty book for our Muslim kids? I definitely recommend it not only for Muslim homes, but also Muslim child care centers and preschools.



Oct 3/2020

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