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My Friend the Alien by Zanib Mian


Title: My Friend the Alien

Author: Zanib Mian @zanibmian

Illustrator: Sernur Isik

Publisher: Bloomsbury Education

Age: 8-12


Islamic Content: None



Maxx, an alien from planet Zorg, is sent on a mission on Earth to explore the concept of feelings. He makes observations about people and their nature until he meets Jibreel and befriends him. The two friends become close, Jibreel is fascinated that Maxx has special abilities that humans don't. Maxx is shocked to find out that three boys at school bully Jibreel and call him an alien because he is from a different country within planet Earth. This triggers Maxx to begin experiencing the strange concept of emotions that the people of Zorg don't have.



This easy read chapter book, takes a comical angle to shine a light on how ridiculous it is to put down someone from another country when in the bigger picture, we are all dwellers of planet Earth. It is narrated in first person by the alien, Maxx. The kids will giggle over Maxx's blunt observations of the bodily gasses and snots humans are capable of producing. The story will have the readers hooked on their friendship and the storyline. The unexpected ending makes the story unique and intriguing. I love the work of the Zanib Mian and I am so thrilled to see her make her mark in traditional publishing spaces with her unapologetic Muslim stories. However, this book slightly disappointed me because the nationality or religious beliefs are not mentioned anywhere in this story. The closest thing mentioned is the name Jibreel and that he is a refugee from another place. Other than that, it is an entertaining read with an important lesson and great quality writing.




Aug 14/2020

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