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My Inspiration

A couple of years ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to contribute and organize the library at our local masjid. When I took on this task, I was oblivious to the obstacles I would come to face.


In schools and in public libraries, our kids have access to a huge variety of books. Through these books, they would find all types of lessons, travel to all types of places and with all types of characters. Without a doubt, above all those lessons, the superseding one should be the teachings of the Deen. Thus, I challenged myself to dedicate my energy to make Muslim books easily accessible to our small community.


Soon, it became apparent that even children's books required to have someone read through the content to ensure that it has been written in accordance with authentic Islamic teachings. Just because the title suggests it is a muslim book, doesn't mean that the content is guaranteed to be untainted with influences other than Islam. As a result, I have had to remove a box full of books that contained incorrect Islamic information.


When searching for books to add to our masjid collection, it wasn't easy for me to find proper reviews that would give me enough information before I decided to purchase the book. This is where the inspiration for this page began. 🌺

This page is meant to make is easy for parents to find the books they want for their kids, and being fully informed regarding the Islamic content within the story.


What is your biggest challenge when looking for fictional books with Islamic lessons for your mini-Muslims?

July 26/2019

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