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My Islam A-Z by Bushra Taslim Hussain


Title: My Islam A-Z

Author & Illustrator: Bushra Taslim Hussain

Publisher: Islamic Beginnings

Age: 2-5


Islamic Content: Throughout


Concerns: includes hair and neck in wudu ritual



This is a book that teaches the ABC's through Islamic vocabulary and themes. Covers a vast array of words that the little ones can become familiar with.



This paperback alphabet book is intended to introduce the little ones with Islamic words and concepts. While some letters state one word, others include phrases, and a few are concepts that are explained in a bit more depth. Some items included are: Allah, Islam, Good deeds, Hajj. Some of the more elaborate concepts that the reader will learn are the family tree of Prophet Muhammad (saws), names of the prophets, the general rituals of Hajj, phases of the moon, steps of wudhu and more. However, in wudhu it states 'hair, neck and ears'. Allah mentions head in the Qur'an, not hair. Also, according to some of the major contemporary scholars, they take the position that that there is no authentic source for wiping the neck and Allah knows best. I like that the book shows diverse characters. The illustrations are clean and simple. The colour tones are easy on the eyes. The book includes a full page of glossary terms and their definitions. Definitely a book that can be used to introduce new Islamic vocabulary to the mini Muslims.


Available @islamicbeginnings



July 1/2020

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