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My Monster and Me by Nadiya Hussain


Title: My Monster and Me

Author: Nadiya Hussain @nadiyajhussain

Illustrator: Ella Bailey

Publisher: Viking @penguinkids

Age: 4-8


Islamic Content: Muslim Author


Concerns: None



The little boy has a giant monster that follows him around. This monster prevents him from doing normal things that kids like to do. He doesn't know how to get rid of it until one day, finally, he las figured out how make the huge monster shrink and keep him out of the way.



This story tackles the concept of fear and worry that might hinder little ones from their daily activities. The fear/worry in this case is represented by the giant monster and once the little boy gets his monster to shrink, although he is still present, the boy is able to move on and overcome him. I do like the idea that the worry doesn't completely disappear, rather he learns to manage his fears in his special way. This book doesn't have visible Muslim characters or content, however the author is Muslim and the story is valuable, especially for those anxious to start the new school year. It simplifies a huge concept in visual terms so the little readers and listeners are able to easily digest.



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