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My Name is Mentioned in the Holy Qur'an by Farwa Javeed

๐Ÿ“šย  BOOK REVIEWย  ๐Ÿ“š

Title: My Name is Mentioned in the Holy Qur'an

Author: Farwa Javeed

Illustrator: Sheeba Shaikh

Publisher: The Deen Square @thedeensquare

Age: 3-8

*Highly Recommend


Islamic Content: Animals in the Qur'an


Concerns: None



This non-fiction hard cover book focuses on the specific animals/birds/insects mentioned in the Qur'an. It includes 25 of them in the same layout style, all narrating from first person. (See 2nd photo for table of contents) Each one starts by introducing themselves and shares their Arabic name (Arabic and transliteration). Followed by a few basic facts about the animal then concludes by stating in which prophet's story they can be found. On the bottom right had corner, cites the exact surah and ayah for each one.



I absolutely love the approach of this book; non-fiction facts of animals incorporated so nicely with Islamic view. I even learned a thing or two myself. The language is kept basic while there are new words the readers will learn through it. At times, it seemed that the expressions are a bit off to those of us North American readers, that's because the book is written in British English standards. However, it's nothing major and it doesn't take away from the essence of the book. The illustrations are bold and colourful. On some pages there are references to books of hadith, for example where it mentions the name of the Prophet's (saws) camel or the birth of the Prophet (saws) in the year of the Elephant. The book ends with a few pages of activities to test the child's memory.


Often times we see the Islamic teachings separated from the non-fiction worldly lessons. This book is a great example of how to incorporate both the Islamic perspective and true facts about the subject at hand. A unique book to have at home and in Muslim schools.




Sep 22/2020

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