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My Prophet Muhammad (saws) My Hero by Yasmeen Mussa and Zaheer Khatri

๐Ÿ“š My Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) My Hero ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Yasmeen Mussa & Zaheer Khatri

Publisher: Learning Roots @learningroots

Age: 7-10

Islamic Content: Prophethood

Concerns: None


One of the most difficult things to cover in Muslim children's literature is the seerah, the life of the prophet alayhi salam. There is so much that we know about him, alayhi salam, thus choosing how to approach the storytelling aspect is very daunting task. Should the prophet's (s.a.w.s.) pre-prophethood life be included? Which events are age appropriate to discuss and how much detail to include? Which parts of the seerah would be most captivating for children? All while trying to stay within word count limitations for the age group. Above that, since visually we avoid visual depictions of in books, the story/content and language really has to make up for sparking the imagery within the child's mind.

This is an introductory source for kids about Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s). It sweeps through some of the main events of his (s.a.w.s.) prophethood, just enough without dwelling into compelling details. It begins with the core message of Prophet Muhammad's call to tawheed, the boycott, mentions the night journey, the hijra, the battle of Badr, the battle of the trench and his return to Mekka. While I do like this book the way it is, part of me wishes there was more details about some of the main events included. For example instead of narrating '...most incredible sights and sounds that the mind can't even imagine...' on his (s.a.w.s.) night journey, include a couple of actual examples from hadith or the fact that the prayer was officially prescribed. Or why exclude his very first encounter with Jibril alayhi salam that marked his (s.a.w.s) prophethood. Of course the physical quality of this book is no different than the high standard Learning Roots products. I always love illustration style and and they have proven that we really can have captivating illustrations in books about stories of the prophets. This book is a great source for sure, but I just wanted a teeny more detail to really give the reader deeper insight of his (s.a.w.s.) prophethood.

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