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My Quran Alphabet Book by Ayesha N. Rahmaan


Title: My Quran Alphabet Book

Author: Ayesha N. Rahman

Illustrator: Lama S. Zaitoon

Publisher: Alif2Yaa @alif2yaa

Age: 0-4


Islamic Content: Arabic words related to the Quran


Concerns: None



Arabic alphabet book designed to introduce words from the Holy Quran.



This wonderfully vibrant board book introduces the Arabic alphabet and words that are included in the Qur'an. The book opens from right to left. Each page contains one letter, its Arabic word, the transliteration, English translation and exact surah and ayah reference. The text is nice and large for little ones which is a great advantage not only to help them easily identify each letter, but also to use the book in group readings. I absolutely love the illustrations, the bold colours are sure to keep the little eyes engaged throughout. The last 2 pages include the entire alphabet along with the Arabic numbers, bonus. This board book serves as a perfect tool for toddlers learning to sound out new vocabulary, both in Arabic and English. In addition, it can be used for older kids who are learning to identify the letters to make up words and enhance their reading skills.


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